There was a great movie that impressed me named “Meet John Doe”.


Some years ago I watched a movie from 1941 called Meet John Doe. This movie was so moving to me that I started to recreate the same club for today and not just for the movies.

We had a fire and lost all we owned and forgot about it until this week after the shooting in Dallas.

If I can do anything before I die this is it.

So today I’ve started again and this time I will complete it and here is my vision that I will need the countries help to fulfill. The John Doe Club

The Mission:

To bring together like minded people that want to help others that are need as if they are their own family with out a question of religions, faiths, nationalities or sex. Members would actively seek out and find the needy, the sick, the weak and bring it to the attention of the club where as a collective we vote to make a change in those live in a positive direction. 

By becoming a member of the John Doe Club, members will be making a vow to help their fellow man, woman or animal in need. To be completely race (ethnic), faith, political view and gender neutral in their love, honor and respect of others.

Members will post and report on good deeds, good articles and good acts of kindness around the globe focusing on America so others can also share in the goodness of doing good. 

There will be no negativity of any kind allowed on the site or in it’s news. This will be a happy place, a place of goodness and peace to all.

The John Doe Club will work to raise money from sales and donations if need be to effect change in the lives of the needy. We will become true Good Samaritans and show the good that we do it transparently for all to see.

There will be no profits made from this club so to keep it true and clean in spirit. Good needs to be a true labor of love for me for it to spread and over take the greed of mankind. 

So who is with me?

Who would like to effect change in their world before they die?

Join the club and help the John Doe Club become a reality.