There is a lawsuit against McCormick & Co. that a judge has ordered can proceed. The lawsuit refers to the company of black pepper. The company has tried to file a motion to dismiss the suit, but that motion has been rejected. The whole this lawsuit is due to a product that many people have in the kitchen and used on a regular basis.

Watkins Inc. sued McCormick recently because learned that McCormick has been removed about 25 percent of Watkins’ products from their original cans.

But they used the same cans, though. Here is a picture that helps to see the difference in cans.


McCormick cans have the same color and look as if they are the same size. One can had 8 ounces pepper while the other has only 6 ounces. The Watkins tin also has 6 ounces pepper. Watkins believes that McCormick takes the amount of pepper in a can without resizing.


There is a possibility that the action resulted in a decrease in sales of other spices to company products. McCormick refused to admit any false advertising, but it does make customers aware of paying attention to the size and weight of the container products that are in them.


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