For cleansing the body of toxins, to speed up metabolism and weight loss, the best are natural detox drinks.

Most often in cleansing drinks are included ingredients like ginger or lemon. These products are powerful burners of fats, as is known. But the beneficial properties of parsley only few have heard. In fact, it helps to lose weight. Use natural remedies – Cheap and useful!

Purifying the body cocktail


juice of half a lemon
1 tsp of cinnamon powder
0.5 liters of water


Mix all ingredients in a blender. Drink this juice every night a few hours before bedtime. The result will not take much time!

The course of treatment is two weeks. It is also useful during administration to make several landing days – for example, first, seventh and last day. This implies the use of low-calorie and healthy products during this period. Indulge in fruit and vegetables.

This drink is effective, as the parsley boost metabolism and burn fat in tissues, ridding the body of excess fluid, relieves swelling.

Parsley is contraindicated in pregnant women and those who suffer from diseases of the bladder and kidneys. Before starting treatment with drink, consult a doctor.

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