This remedy will immediately remove fungus and warts. Folk medicine offers a recipe that will be of great help.

You need onions.

Onion juice is used to treat warts and fungal diseases of the legs many years ago.

Just smear the affected area with onion juice and let it dry.

Other Recipes That Will Help You Get Rid Of Warts:

Cut a piece of onion and soak it in vinegar for two hours. Then put it with the tape on the wart.

Squeeze the onion juice and mix it with honey using equal parts. Apply over the skin at night by placing a dressing on top. Since the mixture is sufficiently hydrated, apply the oil on the side with petroleum jelly or zinc ointment.

This procedure will help you to remove warts and fungus. If the skin of your heels is stiff, put slices of raw onion at night …

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