Not only tasty, but also very effective against cough. You doubt? These domestic candy cough drops are a miracle – relieve unpleasant symptoms and spilled pleasantly across throat. You will forget about conventional medicines! Moreover are prepared super easy – just hide them from the kids, because they will fly upon immediately!


To prepare this tasty medicine you need: sugar, water, honey, lemon juice, a pinch of cloves, a pinch of ginger.

Preheat all over low heat and stir until mixture is melted and caramelized – about 20 minutes. Then onto the baking paper with a spoon form little sweets. Allow the candy to cool and harden, sprinkle with powdered sugar and store them in the glass jar. When you feel symptoms, take from the tasty cure and cough will quickly gone!

Here is a detailed description in the video:

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