Many people argue that, they’ll never eat at Jimmy John’s restaurant again after pictures surfaced that show the owner of restaurant posing with animals killed on various trophy hunting expeditions.

Full disclosure, what you will see may be disturbing.
Business Insider says that Jimmy John Liataud has visited Africa several times to participate in a big game hunting. Animals he’s hunted include elephants, zebras, leopards and rhinos.

Here you can see Liataud posing with what Real Pharmacy argues that, “is seriously affected” black rhino. The permit Mr. Liataud bought to kill the beast reportedly cost $ 350,000.


In this photo you can see Liataud posing with an elephant.


Between 2011 and 2014 alone, poachers killed a staggering 100,000 elephants. According to National Geographic, the popularity of the beast ‘game hunters led them to the brink of extinction. Experts estimate that elephants can be completely extinct in Africa by 2020.


You can see more controversial photos from Mr. Jimmy John’s African adventures in the video below.

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