The stones often have painful symptoms and can range from pain when urinating to blood in the urine.

Other symptoms include:

Severe pain just below the ribs
Pink, brown, red urine
Fever and chills with infection
Pain in waves and varies in intensity
Pain in the lower abdomen and groin and persistent need to urinate


This is a great way to get rid of kidney stones without the need for surgery


– 250 grams of powdered sugar

– 250 grams of honey

– 250 grams of parsley (root)

– 250 grams of lemon

– Quart natural olive oil

First, chop the lemon. The root of parsley mixed with lemon. Finally, you need to add all the rest of ingredients

One tablespoon should be consumed on an empty stomach in the morning. Yet another tablespoon should be consumed before bedtime.

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